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    Was established Almayar company for engineering works in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (9) for the year 1996 on the practice of economic activities and is one of the national companies based in the implementation of its business on a national elements specializes efficient high and training as well as the agreement was reached with specialists outside experts to provide technical support so that we can work in the field of providing expertise and advice and technical assistance needed to develop action plans for management development institutions, companies and personnel training and rehabilitation systems to be able to develop the systems work efficiently to ensure that the requirements of international standards.

As Technical Training Specialist of great importance in increasing the level of workers institutions, the company focused on the design and implementation of technical sessions by the actual need for operational labour to reflect on the process and the ability to improve their performance.

And the importance of calibration of equipment to ensure that the measurement process to obtain accurate measurements and guaranteed results reflect the true values, which have a significant impact in the assessment of the size and the Union of appropriate decisions after measurement.

The company has been the Almayar for engineering works to conclude cooperation agreements with international companies internationally accredited to carry out these actions to ensure that this service efficiently to customers and the formation of a scientific base and professional national elements in this area.

This is carried out in the company's elite group of specialist consultants patriots who have long experience in various fields of engineering and technical consulting and business qualification and training, where were the founding members and two other members of the cooperative as the company provides expertise for partial or full-time whenever summoned need to work it.

The company offers its services to customers through specialized technical departments.

Our policy:

Our policy is based on the implementation of the business to strive for customer satisfaction and continuous support is achieved by the following: -

  • Work together with the customer in the actual locations of the projects for the establishment of an effective system.
  • Work according to the time plan approved by the customer until the development of the production to the customer does not affect plans for the project.
  • Development and improvement proposals in the planning, implementation and follow-up and monitor the performance of different activities and methods, standards and periodic measurement and responsibility.
  • Commitment to confidential information to the customer who is familiar with them during the implementation of realization has.
  • Provide the necessary support for the customer to maintain the effective application of the continuous development of the system and help him pass the periodic assessment conducted by the donor.


  • Focus on the customer
  • Focus on results
  • Focus on application
  • Focus on Technology

Standard adopts a participatory and achieve the desired results for its customers scientific approach