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All equipments for measurements  and analysis   need periodically to check operations of effectiveness and accuracy measurements obtained , calibration is divided into three types : -

  1. evaluation of new devices or after maintenance operations (qualification): -

They perform operations on the system before the first use, and after significant maintenance process, to verify the accuracy of all units of the system is working properly (quantity and quality) according to certain standards of acceptance (the Protocol). Documented assessment as evidence that the system is ready for its intended use.

  1. Calibration: -

Processes that determine the relationship between the value shown by measuring instruments and the corresponding value of truth.


  1. Adoption of validity (validation): -

That the process of achieving the validity periodically after the initial evaluation ((qualification and the establishment of documented evidence to provide a degree of certainty that the system will produce measurements according to predetermined specifications and conditions of the required quality.

The importance of calibration of measuring equipment to ensure access to accurate measurements and guaranteed results reflect the true values, which have a significant Tater in the evaluation of the size and the Union of appropriate decisions after measurement.

And the importance of the calibration process has the Almayar for engineering works company entered into cooperation agreements with international companies internationally accredited to carry out these actions to ensure that this service efficiently to customers and the formation of a scientific base and professional national elements in this area.

Calibration services cover the following areas:

- Temperature - humidity

- Pressure - lengths

- Force - moments

- Electricity - Time and Frequency

- Speed ​​- chemical analyzes

- Bloc