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Is the management systems used institutions productivity or service in Libya systems old, they are classified under the quality control system, which was used in the period (1940 to 1960) and after the end of World War II disease competition in all fields between the countries of the world and the development of information technology the world has become a village and one that seeks to use systems management in various fields canonical everyone contributes to the development of performance rates and increase production rules and specific systems are applied in every organization in the world steps and stages agreed were placed in the specifications of international standard issued by international bodies recognized and awarded a certificate proving the application of this system from an accredited and thus be recognized at the management level and the stages of implementation and monitoring of the production of the goods or services have been adopted by many modern management systems according to international

standard specifications and perhaps the best known system of total quality management TQM.

Specializes in providing technical advice and training programs for production and service organizations for the development of management systems such institutions to qualify for: -

- Conformity Certificate of to the requirements of system ISO 9001 Quality Management

- Certificate of conformity with the requirements of environmental management system ISO 14001

- Conformity Certificate of to conformity assessment - the requirements to run different types of bodies inspecting according to specification ISO / IEC 17020

- Conformity Certificate of to achieve the requirements of the international standard for the efficient testing and calibration laboratories ISO / IEC 17025

- Certificate of Conformity for food safety management systems ISO 22000

- Certificate of Conformity for the management of occupational health and safety OHSAS 1800

Note: -

Qualification is based on the latest version of this topic Specifications