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Institutions seeking to train their employees to prepare them for fruitful work and retain the level of service required a continuous process to ensure continued performance improvement to reach the goals of the institution.

The training process is based on the actual identification of training needs, the training program appropriate to raise the efficiency, the trainer and the trainee, and training methods used and the training environment.

It also depends on the evaluation of the training programs and the extent to which the trainees and their reflection on the performance rates of increase of productivity of the enterprise.

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All equipments for measurements  and analysis   need periodically to check operations of effectiveness and accuracy measurements obtained , calibration is divided into three types : -

  1. evaluation of new devices or after maintenance operations (qualification): -

They perform operations on the system before the first use, and after significant maintenance process, to verify the accuracy of all units of the system is working properly (quantity and quality) according to certain standards of acceptance (the Protocol). Documented assessment as evidence that the system is ready for its intended use.

  1. Calibration: -

Processes that determine the relationship between the value shown by measuring instruments and the corresponding value of truth.

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Is the management systems used institutions productivity or service in Libya systems old, they are classified under the quality control system, which was used in the period (1940 to 1960) and after the end of World War II disease competition in all fields between the countries of the world and the development of information technology the world has become a village and one that seeks to use systems management in various fields canonical everyone contributes to the development of performance rates and increase production rules and specific systems are applied in every organization in the world steps and stages agreed were placed in the specifications of international standard issued by international bodies recognized and awarded a certificate proving the application of this system from an accredited and thus be recognized at the management level and the stages of implementation and monitoring of the production of the goods or services have been adopted by many modern management systems according to international

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